10 Things to do in your 20’s

One of the most challenging phases of our adulthood is our after-college life where we start building our careers. A lot of times, people in their early 20’s find adulting difficult because majority are still trying to figure out what path would they like to take despite having a degree.

High societal expectations contribute a lot in the challenges being faced by people in their early 20’s. After graduate, family expect them to land in an ideal job with high-paying salary. The transition from being a teenager to adulthood also requires adjustment when it comes to the number of people you hang out with, bills that you have to pay from your own hard work and peer pressure.

Here are the 10 Things to do in your 20’s brought to you by Tambayan TV.

  1. Build your skills
    When you get that degree that you wanted, start building it through application of your previous learning. You may also opt to take up Masters to level up your learning. According to Simon Sinek, millennials need to learn how to be patient. Take little steps to everything especially in learning and practice. Consider quality over quantity.

  2. Cultivate your passion
    Never let go of your passion. If you are into music or arts, keep doing what you love because it will help you redirect your thoughts from the stress and pressure of your job. In doing what you love, it is definite that you will feel more fulfilled and productive. According to studies, people who make a living from their passion are likely to succeed.

  3. Invest in life-long learnings
    It is not enough to be excellent only in the field of your expertise. It also helps if you cultivate your soft skills such as leadership and interpersonal skills. Learning basic survival skills must also be on top of your list.

  4. Manage your finances
    Starting your adult life could find you jobless and zero balance. You may be sleeping in you parent’s couch trying to figure things out but don’t lose hope. Feeling helpless is normal. If you have internet connections, you can look for jobs online or look for recommendations to start with.

    If you started working already, think about strategies on how you can maximize your income. Stick to your budget and do not spend beyond your projected future cash inflows.

  5. Pay attention to your well-being
    In your early 20’s, your energy could be very high and your capability of doing extreme activities is highly possible. But take note of your well-being in terms of physical, mental and emotional health.

  6. Set good habits
    Good habits will keep your well-being balanced. If you set habits that are healthy, you are helping your body and mind in a desirable state.

  7. Do not be pressured. Trust your own timeline.
    Peer pressure is highly affected by social media. When you see your classmates or your friends who are already having the best time of their lives and you are still starting yours, don’t get distracted. Focus on your plans and own timeline. Remember that their success is your success too, and your success soon will also be theirs.

  8. Travel Wisely
    Forget about “travel is Life’ if you don’t have savings. It is not fun to travel and find yourself broke and indebted after. Make your “travel Goals” colorful by earning a portion of your income for travelling.

  9. Make meaningful friendships
    According to Alex Gonzaga, a famous actress and vlogger in the Philippines, there are seasonal friends. Your friends in elementary could be different with your friends in high school and college but your true and lifetime friends will always be there no matter what season you are in your life.

  10. Spend time with your FAMILY.
    You will not be young forever. Invest in spending quality time with your parents while they are still around. Buy them something that would make them happy or treat them to your favorite restaurant.

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