6 Things we can learn from Allan Jackson’s “The Older I Get”

Life is a series of constant change. We are accustomed to changes until we reach a certain point where we feel content and comfortable with all the things that we have. We yearn for peace and tranquility with the family we built or with the pets we fell in love with.

The ages between 21-30 may also be a period of chasing people and chasing dreams. This is the exact period where you get to pay your own rent and bills. This is the time when you wish you were still studying where all the assistance from your parents is available.

As we get older, we also tend to shift from one favorite to another or from a habit to another habit. The older we get; we tend to want different things from what we originally wanted.

In 2017, Allan Jackson released a song entitled “The Older I Get” where you can relate a lot especially when you are at a point of your life where you just want peace of mind and authentic happiness.

  1. Live everyday as though it was your last.

2. The presence of people you love and who loves you are your treasure.

3. True friends never leave you.

4. Defending yourself does not always mean that you have to talk. Silence is powerful.

5. Pray. Pray. Pray.

6. Be thankful for all the little things that you have.

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