How to earn extra income during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over.

And despite the global health crisis that has forced companies to shut down or let go of workers, bills continue to come in and pile up.

This is why having an extra source of income is a great way to ensure financial stability in a time of uncertainty.

Here are some ways to earn more aka side hustles for that extra income aside from your regular 9 to 5 job:

  • Open an online business

With the COVID-19 crisis, digital is definitely the way to go.

This might be the perfect time to dip your toes into e-commerce and start an online business. What’s good about the digital market is that you don’t have to maintain a brick and mortar store to keep your business running.

You can start with your friends on Facebook and Instagram for your online store. Among the top selling products nowadays are food, face masks, and clothes.

  • Try freelancing

Are you good at marketing? Got some hidden photography skills? Or maybe you’re a Shakespeare in the making?

If you have a creative side, freelancing is a viable source of extra income that lets you earn money at your own pace. You can try a lot of freelancing platforms online that offer a variety of jobs at different rates. Just make sure to check the legibility of online job offers to protect yourself from scammers.

  • Be an online English teacher

If you’re good at speaking English, here’s some good news for you: you can earn money from teaching the language.

Teaching English online to foreigners is a good way to earn extra money since the job usually pays by the hour depending on the number of students that you could teach. You’re also assured of receiving the pay if you sign up with a legitimate platform such as 51Talk and Acadsoc. The other best part? You can work part-time so as not to interrupt your regular job.

  • Sell homemade crafts, food

Do you have a special recipe that everyone you know just can’t stop raving about? Or maybe you have a handmade craft that everyone hopes you’d give it to them?

You might not realize it yet but your passion project might just be your next money-making machine. Try selling homemade goodies—such as jams, cookies, and arts and crafts to earn more. You can tap your friends and relatives to help you promote your products and you can also start within your own neighborhood.

  • Invest safely

If you have a bit of extra money that you want to grow, you can consider investing it to get more than the usual interest rates from banks. Among the safe investment options that you can consider are government bonds, and mutual funds.

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