“Train a Child Right, Secure a Lifetime’s Path”

The children are the people of tomorrow. They will be the next generation that will
carry out our faith in the Lord. The generation that will bear the light in this dark
world, they are to be trained and equipped. If we are going to search on the internet
we can learn about many ways and tips of training our child (secular ways).
However as Christians, we must know that there is a greater way of training up a
child and that is the way of the Word of God. In such way they will grow faithful
and victorious in faith.

  1. Immerse them in God’s Word.
    The Word of God is the best weapon we could ever have as Christians. This
    world is already filled with so much lies. And allowing them to be immersed in
    God’s word will help them to stay in line. The truth which is the Word; will guard
  2. Engage them in Prayer.
    Prayer is our only way of connecting to our God. Engaging them in prayer
    will cater them in exploration of how important it is to have a connection with
    God. Though prayer is vast as God, teaching them a simple prayer will help them
    to have intimacy with Lord.
  3. Set the example for them.
    Parents are the preachers of the house. We are compelled to walk the talk for
    our children. Giving them the example of being a true follower of Christ will help
    them to be one. If we want our children to stay aligned in the faith, let us show
    them what love is, holiness is, and true Christianity is.

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