Teachers need a break, too

Recreation is just as important as education. Health benefits aside, recess is also good for your mood. When you get up in the morning, do you typically think about school? Instead, think about free time and education.

Boredom is a big part of why kids don’t like school. Extend recess time. Learning as well as recess is essential and free time is just as important. According to Isabella G. from Booker T Washington School, the more extended break allows students to have fun. Additionally, when children arrive at school, they are tired and ready to fall asleep, but it invigorates them when they arrive at recess. Finally, it is vital to have happy people in a classroom. Without a break, your brain can’t function, and you can’t focus on learning.

Extended recess helps students focus in class. Recess means doing exercises, and exercise means sharpness of thought and concentration. Running is a means of releasing your patience and attention. I believe this is important because recess is a good time to get exercise. If it is not suitable for you, then the purpose of the recess is defeated. This is great for overweight kids who want to be active while at recess. Additionally, like students, teachers also need rest to teach effectively and be happier when they teach.

Teachers should get breaks because they get tired and cranky too. When we have recess, teachers spend their time planning the next lesson rather than engaging in free play. Teachers should also be complaining. Schools that don’t even have recess are common. I can’t describe it. How does youth contribute to society? Incredibly, schools would be involved in such a thing. While there are many valid reasons for keeping recess as an option, and not only a given, extending recess to some schools is a bad idea. I believe that there should be at least two hours of recess each day.

I hope that after reading this, people will apply it to their lives and consider what will happen if they had more free time.

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