Why is it important to bring our kids to church?

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’.” -Matthew 19:14-

The attendance of our children in the Church is as much as the significance of our
attendance in the Church. They can be loud and messy sometimes, but let us not
forget how much Jesus cares for them. They belong to the Kingdom of God.
Bringing them to Church plays an important role in their growth not just as a
“child” but as a Young Christian. Now, why is it important to bring our kids to

  1. Our children must see that Church Fellowship is Important.
    As parents it is vital for us to teach our children about things that are
    important. By bringing them to Church we are allowing them to see that the
    Church is not just a building but a family in which they can learn and grow. Be
    loved and encouraged.
  2. Church is the place where they can learn about the Word of God and
    Though we teach them in our homes, and sometimes it is hard to handle
    them. Sunday Schools in the Church is an effective way to help our children learn
    the word and engage in prayer and worship. Just as simple as it is, it is fun to learn
    with your friends.
  3. The Church is where they belong.
    Bringing them regularly to Church services will help them to be aware of
    where they belong, accepted, and loved. They will grow being part of the family of
    God. Connected to the brothers and sisters while being nurtured in faith. Further, it
    will also develop their heart for the service; in the Lord through his Church.

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